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Crystal Ridge Developments

Clean fresh air, free open space, rolling terrain, peace and tranquility provide the perfect atmosphere for a recreational or retirement home. A place where you can spend time with family and friends, enjoying the great outdoors in all its splendor!

This is what Crystal Ridge Developments has to offer at our new recreational properties. Each lake property has its own unique attributes and each has been carefully designed so as to become your own private paradise, a place you will want to call home.

Make your dream a reality in one of our well-planned developments, where we have paid attention to the natural beauty of the landscape. Our lake properties offer the ideal place for you to experience the beauty of each lake and live in harmony with nature in a rural, tranquil atmosphere.

Our all-season properties offer you the warm Saskatchewan summer sun, which brings with it the calmness of a beautiful sunrise and the delight of watching the setting sun. Your surroundings become a multitude of awesome colors as summer turns to autumn. The trees glistening with frost and the stillness of winter provides yet another soothing atmosphere. As the snow and ice melt and spring arrives, nature begins to blossom once again, the cool waters lap along the shores and the subtle beauty of nature awakens.

Whatever the season, our lake properties will always be a place where you can appreciate and enjoy the natural beauty and calmness of rural Saskatchewan.

“Invest in your future, enjoy it now”