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Crystal Ridge subdivision is a recreational property, situated on the west shore of beautiful Dixon Lake. Dixon Lake is approximately 2 ¾ miles long and ½ mile wide and is part of the Carrot River system.

Two of the members of Crystal Ridge Developments were born and raised in the surrounding area of Dixon Lake. Having experienced the recreation and comradeship of this community as children, these team members have a keen desire to rejuvenate the community and are devoted to rekindling the wholesome beauty and vibrancy of Dixon Lake.

The hamlet of nearby Crystal Springs, Dixon Lake and the surrounding area was, in past years, an active recreational community. In the summer, Dixon Lake was a popular place for ball tournaments, camping, fishing and swimming lessons. Activities such as cross country skiing, snowmobiling and ice-fishing were common during winter months. With changing times and the disappearance of “small town Saskatchewan”, this once vibrant, busy community became somewhat of an unknown paradise. Crystal Ridge Developments recognizes the potential and has a dream to recapture the beauty and enjoyment that lies with this community.

Crystal Ridge subdivision is only a short drive from major centers in central Saskatchewan and just off HWY 20 makes it a perfect place for your summer retreat.

Crystal Ridge Developments is currently selling these carefully designed, affordable lakefront and lake view properties. Lots are a minimum of 70 ft. by 120 ft., serviced with power and telephone. Each property offers a view that is breathtaking and relaxing. The stable base and high elevation of the lake allows for lakefront lots to be very close to the waters edge while the lake view lots also have a gorgeous view of the lake.

The subdivision is well marked including individually marked lots. The local municipality maintains access to Crystal Ridge subdivision year round. A site map and lot marking will easily guide and assist you around the development at your own convenience, or team members are always available to meet with you to discuss your choice and options.
The lake is accessible to lake view properties via walkways and there is a large municipal reserve for public access to the waterfront. Very impressive is the fact that the lake can be seen from every site.

Purchasers of Crystal Ridge property must adhere to a building code, servicing agreement, and regulations in order to protect your investment and to reflect our commitment to maintaining the natural beauty of the environment. Building construction must be completed within five years of purchase to ensure that Crystal Ridge subdivision reinforces our genuine dedication to providing an attractive recreational and retirement property.

The peaceful waters of Dixon Lake make this a prime choice for your “home away from home”, whether you choose it to be a recreational cabin or your retirement residence. Watch a beautiful sunset or star gaze on a clear night, whatever you do you are sure to enjoy this unique environment in its entire natural splendor.

Nature lovers will appreciate this natural attraction for wildlife including deer and elk. Bird watchers are sure to observe and hear many species of migratory birds. Ducks, geese and diving birds are abundant during the spring, summer and autumn.

Golf enthusiasts will find great courses at nearby Wakaw, Melfort, Birch Hills and Prince Albert. Each of these courses offers enticing scenery and provides challenges to golfers of all ages.

Fishing is always a year round option and numerous trails provide ample space for great rides on your ATV or snowmobile.

Open space and clean fresh air provide an excellent place for naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts. This private property is ideal for walking, jogging, biking or cross-country skiing. This development is supreme for people wanting to escape the hectic pace of city life. Relax on your deck on a warm summer day, stroll along the lake shore, wander down to the local tavern approximately 1.5 km. away…you are always sure to experience the soothing, calm atmosphere of this unique property.

Invest in your future, enjoy it now

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long do I have between the time I purchase the lot and the time I have to build?Please contact RM of Invergordon.
  2. Can I move a building onto my lot?Yes, however all buildings shall be built of new construction material only constructed on site or a RTM home. Relocated residences, portable or mobile homes are strictly prohibited.
  3. What side of the lake is Crystal Ridge located on?Crystal Ridge is located on the west side of Dixon Lake.
  4. How big is Dixon Lake?Dixon Lake is approximately 2.75 miles long and .5 miles wide.
  5. Is there a boat launch available?A public boat launch is available and is located on the east side of Dixon Lake. It is easily accessible by a well maintained road.
  6. Are there any restrictions on boats or watercraft on Dixon Lake?There are no restrictions.
  7. What type of fish are in Dixon Lake?Dixon Lake is part of the Carrot River system and home to pike, pickerel, and perch.
  8. How do I dispose of waste?All lot owners will have access to the local landfill. Waste removal and any cost associated with the same is the responsibility of the Purchaser.Sewage disposal on each lot shall be by means of a holding tank. Installation and hook up will be the responsibility of the Purchaser with installation completed by a contractor approved by the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region and the Developer. Out houses are strictly prohibited!
  9. What services are provided with the lot?Underground power and telephone are provided. Owners must provide their own water system.
  10. Who looks after the roads?The municipality will maintain the access road year round. Construction and maintenance of driveways and approaches are the responsibility of the Purchaser.
  11. What about taxes?Property taxes are within the Rural Municipality of Invergordon #430, who sets the tax rates and assessments. Contact the RM at (306) 749-2852 regarding your property.
  12. Can I build a dock in front of my lakefront cottage?Seasonal docks (which must be removed in the fall) are permitted, provided they conform with government regulations.
  13. What about emergencies?Police and medical assistance, are available in Wakaw, 40 km. from Crystal Ridge, or in Prince Albert, which is 60 km. away.
  14. Would someone be willing to meet me onsite?One of the Crystal Ridge Developments representatives would be glad to arrange a site meeting at your convenience.